Which class should you compete in? 
Remember this is a REGIONAL series vs series event, so the 
class you compete in at ORC should be the same skill level class
you compete in at your regional series events.  
Here's a guide for which class your team should be in based on skill levels:
If the team is AAA, AAB or AAC riders = A level class or higher
If the team is BBB, BBA or BBC riders = B level class or higher
If the team is CCC, CCA or CCB riders = C level class or higher
If the team is ABC riders = B level class or higher
**Family, +50, Ladies, Junior & all Iron class are not based on skill levels**

Official Entry Form - click HERE

Please note that this PDF is fillable - just open the form and click
throughout it entering you/your team info.
Please print landscape & mail to the address at the bottom of the form. 

There is NO online entry for this event - this is the ONLY way to pre-enter.  

Note that all pre-entries MUST be postmarked no later than March 15th.

All pre-entries will receive custom pit signs, pre-printed
number-plate decals, participant giveaway, etc.

We strongly encourage teams/riders to pre-enter for this event! 
Post-entry will be available, but will NOT receive the items listed
above and the cost increases $25/per rider!

Listing of Pre-Entered Teams/Riders as of Feb 20th HERE

contact info:  417-537-8406

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