About Us

Our Event

The Off-Road Cup is a 9 Hour, 3-man team off-road motorcycle race held once a year to determine the best off-road racing series in America.


The purpose of this event is to determine the best race series - not necessarily the best bike manufacturer or individual rider.  Teams/riders will be asked to choose which series they are representing when signing up.  The idea is for this event to be an indication of which series can put together the fastest, toughest, most consistent 3-rider team.

Who Rides

All skill levels are encouraged to represent their series - not just the top Pro riders.  Each rider can ride their own bike and backup bikes are legal.  Yes - your suspension & controls!

All racing will take part during daylight hours - no lights needed.  Electronic scoring by Moto-Tally.

Each team/rider will be provided a pit area.  Rider changes will take place there.  A 10 mph maximum speed limit in the pit area will be strictly enforced.


Highlight video by Cole Kirkpatrick from the 2017 Off-Road Cup in Wyandotte, OK.