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May 1, 2020


The reschedule date for The Off-Road Cup is Saturday, August 1 at Panther Creek in Tuscumbia, MO.

- If your team is pre-entered and you are still coming, you do not need to do anything.

- If your team is pre-entered and you need to substitute riders or change classes, email proudsis45@yahoo.comwith the info.

- If your team is pre-entered and you are not coming, you have until May 15 to let us know. Email  proudsis45@yahoo.comand request a refund. **No refunds will be issued after May 15**

After May 15, we will see how many open spots we have (of the originally announced 350). We will then begin filling those open spots from the waiting list in the order that we received them.

Additionally, just as a heads up, we will not be using a “normal” Off-Road Cup pit area. There will be a designated “Rider Exchange” area, but it will be short, small, and no canopies or permanent spots will be allowed there. You will be able to set up a pit (no vehicles or trailers) away from the course or riders can return to their vehicle in the campground. This is to ensure we are following social distancing protocols.

More info to come…

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For more information on this event, sponsorship opportunities, submitting future venue options, and all other correspondence, call (817) 291-0886 or email 

REGISTERED TEAMS/RIDERS...all slots are now filled

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